Not all RPG characters are worth mentioning, not even Freeform RPG characters. Becouse there are so many of them, only the more significant should be given pages in this wiki. Here is a list of the requirements for an RPG character to be worth noting. An RPG character must follow at least one of these requirements but not all in order to have a page.


  • The character has appeared in more than 3 serperate RPGs, all these RPGs have had more than 300 posts and non of them may be linked in any way. ie they may not be sequils.
  • The character has appeared in 1 or more RPG that has had more than 1,000 posts in total, including sequals.
  • The character has been posted in more than 500 posts.
  • Editor Privelage. If you are an editer of this site, you can have up to 5 of your own characters that do not follow these rules, although they have to have more history than a stub. Coherts of a character do not count towards the limit.
  • Character has appeared in more than 10 seperate RPGs.

Non-Optional RequirementsEdit

These rules must be followed, regardless of whether the character adheres to the other requirements or not.

  • The character may not be of a pornographic nature.
  • The character must be original. It may not be taken from any media not owned by the character's player. (If there is media created with that character after the character has already been created, that is acceptable)

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